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Ready to get your home sold fast? From pricing to staging, marketing to selling - trust the local team that KNOWS the market today! Not just last week.

Start with a Selling StrategyThe McCarthy Group Sells New Hampshire

At The McCarthy Group, we understand that choosing the right selling strategy is crucial for homeowners. It's important to select the option that will work best for you and your situation.

For homeowners who feel confident in their ability to market the home and negotiate, the for-sale-by-owner option may be suitable. However, this option may not guarantee the fastest sale or the highest possible price. On the other hand, if your time is better spent on other details, working with a real estate agent could be the best choice.

At The McCarthy Group, we work with homeowners to evaluate their individual needs and determine the best-selling strategy. We offer guidance and support throughout the entire process, ensuring that our clients are confident and satisfied with their chosen approach.

Your Responsibility

Obviously, we all know we should clean and stage the house. But each home is unique so our strategy is to look at the house first and make specific suggestions on how to stage YOUR home to today's buyers. What worked last year may not work this year and we have to adjust, pivot and adapt to today's buyers.  These should be a no-brainer though:

  • Clean everything like you've never cleaned before - if you need to, hire someone
  • Remove all personalized photos, collections and memorabilia. 
  • Take out everything from drawers, cupboards, closets and pantries and only put essentials back (remember, you're going to pack anyway, might as well start now)
  • Make sure the house has good flow from room to room and doesn't get crowded (buyers will be touring the home with their agent and maybe multiple people and there should be room to move)
  • Neutralize everything. Have a red kitchen? Paint it white or grey. Rainbow walls? Time to go beige. Don't get emotional; remember, this won't be YOUR house for much longer.

Again, we can help you stage your specific home or condo for the right buyer. Give us a call for an in-home consultation on pricing, what you COULD get if you do certain things and how fast we think your home can sell. We look forward to speaking to you today!

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